Rewards Program

How to Earn Cusular Reward Points?

Note: All reward points have 180 Days to be expired, counting from when you earned them.

How to Use Cusular Reward Points?

• Redeeming the Earned Points
The Earned Reward Points can be Redeemed by the User in Future Purchases, Once the Points has been Redeemed by the User for Product Purchase, the Redeemed Points will be reduced from the User Account. The Redeemed Points and Current Reward Points will be displayed in the My Account Page.

• Buying Reward Points
If user need certain reward points, but the product purchase for reward points is not enough which the user needed, in this case if buying reward points has up to the user needed points, they can complete the purchase and earn reward points for product purchase and also buying reward points with respect to that product. Buying reward points is like a gift card.

• Nominating Other Users to Receive Reward Points
A User can donate their Reward Points Earned from the Product Purchase to a Specific User. Choose the Specific User from the list of users displayed in the Select Nominee Option. Once User selected a Particular User as Nominee, from then onwards the Points Earned by the User will be credited to the Nominee’s User Account.

• Purchase the Product using Reward Points
A User can Purchase the Product by using Reward Points they earned instead of Price. User cannot buy the product through Reward Points if they doesn’t have enough points.

• Gift Voucher
A Gift Voucher contains Reward Points. When a user tries to use a Gift Voucher, then the Reward Points associated for that Gift Voucher will be added to their Account.

• Send Points to Friends
In order to Send Points to Friends, Users need to fill the details in Request The Request Form will be submitted for CUSULAR’s Approval.
Once CUSULAR approved the Submitted Form made by the User, the Reward Points entered by the User will be added to the Friend’s Account whose name is applied in the Request Form.

Cusular VIP Member Rewards Program

To appreciate our royal customers, it’s very pleased to introduce our VIP member rewards program. As a VIP member, you can enjoy more benefits.

1. How Cusular’s VIP program works?
Cusular’s VIP program includes 3 levels and each level will enjoy different price discount. The purchase history has been recorded by our system, and your VIP level can be calculated according to Cumulative Purchase Amount to Date you have spent.

Bronze VIP: Cumulative purchase amount between $300 – $1000
Silver VIP: Cumulative purchase amount between $1000 – $2000
Gold VIP: Cumulative purchase amount over $2000

2. VIP Member Benefits

Note: Free Appreciation Gift, Cart Discount is different by VIP Grade.

The Higher Grade, the More Amazing gift and discount offered.