Customized Order

Customized Order Notes

1. Customized services
Our makeup/beatuty products support: brand printing, bottle customization, color blending, material adjustment and other customized services, everything according to your requirements.

2. Delivery time
Due to the time required for color blending and production, the order will be sent within 7-15 days after you confirm the order and pay.

3. Warranty – do they come with warranty and what are the terms?
Yes, each pcs of our products come with warranty. In brief, mostly the Liquid/Paste products within 2 years under the guideline to store and delivery, any quality caused problems, we can replace with new ones. More than 2 or 3 years, any questions, we can help to offer the solutions.

4. Shelf life of Liquid/Paste/Powder products?
The shelf life under the guideline to store is 2 years.

5. Branding – is it possible to have our company logo on products?
Of course, we can do your logo on products.
We are special in doing private labels, most from EU, USA & Southeast Asia.

6. In case of Quality issue of customized order – what is your procedure to resolve the issue?
For customized order, each shipment we keep the samples from them, we will back to the store samples for testing in our lab. Next, if needed, we will ask to send back.
For urgent handle, we ask for photos on them and do repid solution programme in 1-3 working days.

7. If other questions, please fill in the following form and submit to us. Thanks for your cooperation!

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